Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison is probably the greatest short-story author alive, with the possible equal of Frederik Pohl. I was first introduced to this short story deity by an enchanting copy of Ellison Wonderland, a wonderful work, to say the least. I have neglected to mention books on my homepage, mostly because an in-depth discussion of The Phantom Tollbooth, or The Mouse That Roared, or A Prayer for Owen Meany would be beyond the scope of a one-page document. However, I cannot neglect Harlan Ellison, who has not only has a sigificant impact on my writing style, but on my sleeping patterns as well.

Some Harlan Ellison web links:
There are, of course, other links as well, but these links about cover it; this is not a dedicated Harlan Ellison page. I personally recommend immediately going out and purchasing, reading, and memorizing the incredible Approaching Oblivion, the wonderfully dark Deathbird Stories, and the whimsical Ellison Wonderland.

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