Andrew Ho



Hi, I'm just some random guy on the Internet. Here you can see some pictures (some from balloons), read some recipes, and find out more about my girlfriend and my pets (check out the OscarCam!). Sometime in the future, I will put some Mish comics here.

Working Mish


I am a senior staff engineer at Tellme Networks, Inc. Microsoft. Here is a description of what I do and why you should hire me, as well as my résumé, available in various formats, and some book recommendations.

Mish on Computer

Links and Downloads

Here are miscellaneous links to software and resources, a T-phage page, some Monkfish facts, the very old Chaos Theory page, some even older creative writing, and a Periodic Table. I maintain websites for PCRE, GrabScrab, and floating Cubans.


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